The internet is full of lip care hacks using common ingredients that you can find at home.

But what if it ends up wasting your time or worse; damaging your precious lips?!

Nobody wants that! But if you want a quick lip hack, Dr. Wani Nuuha is here to share her easy-to-do hack to achieve healthy and moisturised lips!                         

As shared on Instagram, this lip care hack is probably the most easiest and mess-free there is. Bonus! She only uses 3 things, so here’s how:

  1. Scrub the lips

According to her, a lip scrub is needed to polish your lips and get rid of the dry and dead skin cells on the surface. 

Not only that, a lip scrub with clean and moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter also helped to soften her lips (Like the SKINEATS Conditioning Lip Polish!).

After she takes a bit of product on her fingers and scrubs her lips with it, she would wipe away the residue using a tissue or towel to reveal a smoother surface.

  1. Moisturise & soothe the lips!

Her second step is to moisturise the lips using a nourishing lip balm. Applying a few layers on her lips, she definitely saw and felt how moisturised her lips are now!

Ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and vitamin E are good for her (and yours too!) lips.

  1. Protect the lips when out!

To avoid her lips from looking dull and discoloured from being under the sun, a tinted lip balm with SPF is a must for Wani! 

“It’s not only your lips that need SPF!”, she reminds us. Her personal favourite is Tinted Lip Balm with SPF15 by SKINEATS as it protects her lips while also providing a pink tint, making her look fresh and lively when being out.

This lip care hack is definitely fool proof, anyone can do! You don’t need to wait or measure ingredients, just use three products and there you go; moist, supple and glowing lips.

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