“You Only Need These 3 Items!” –  Skincare Enthusiast Shares A Minimal Lip Care Routine That Actually Works! 

Lip care is something that many of us put on the back-burner many years ago. 

Not many really paid attention to it; until it became a trend…

But it can be overwhelming with so many options in the market. Luckily, there is a way to achieve healthier and glowing lips as well-known skincare enthusiast; Fatina Amalina!

The 3-Step Lip Care Routine 

Shared on her Instagram page, Fatin Amalina uploaded a Reel  to share her lip care routine to achieve the healthy lips she has now.

Not only is it effective, but it’s also rather simple with only three products. Here are the steps she shared.

“You only need these three items, all from SKINEATS!”

  1. Exfoliate

After removing any trace of makeup, the first step to her routine is to exfoliate the lips with a lip scrub like the SKINEATS’ Conditioning Lip Polish to gently buff away the dead skins.

She made sure to do this 2 to 3 times a week to reveal the smooth skin underneath!

  1. Moisturize

For her night routine, she would treat and nourish her lips with a thick layer of a moisturising lip balm such as the Moisturizing Lip Balm from SKINEATS.

“If you can, avoid applying any colour at night, especially tinted lip balm. This is to avoid any discoloration and you can focus more on repairing the lips!”, she adds.

  1. Protect

As for her daily routine, she emphasises the importance of wearing an SPF lip balm before applying any other lip colour.

“If you want to apply just this when you’re out, it’s actually better! Your lips would look naturally pink and moist in just a few seconds! (thanks to the natural pink shade from SKINEATS’ Tinted Lip Balm with SPF15)”.

And that’s it! That’s her secret to get her lips healthy and glowing with just three steps. 

Who would’ve thought that a lip care routine can be this easy, right? If you want her complete lip routine, Shop SKINEATS Precious Lips Bundle now!

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