About Us

The story behind Skineats brand

At SKINEATS, we celebrate the wonder of natural products and the myriad benefits for our daily indulgence. We wholeheartedly and meticulously gathered and whipped all the nourishing, fine and luxurious ingredients to provide fresh, natural and cruelty-free beauty essentials for your personal care and daily needs. Hence our name, SKINEATS!

Our story began when we were on the lookout for the solutions to our dry and chapped lips. After creating SKINEATS, we then decided to share the greatness of our products with everyone else hoping to solve the daily struggles of finding the best remedies in everyday beauty essentials. Due to our safe and natural ingredients, we have received tremendous positive feedbacks from our customers. Today, we are enveloped with our passion in creating safe, effective and cruelty-free beauty products without leaving anybody behind. Come on board with us!

All-Natural. Cruelty Free. Gender Neutral.

It is no secret that we opt to provide natural remedies for your daily personal care and needs. We ensure our products are handcrafted with natural and safe ingredients to suit everyone regardless of age or gender. At SKINEATS, we believe that beauty and personal care essentials should be tested on only humans, never animals. Join our pledge in the #becrueltyfree worldwide campaign and save our little animals.
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