Our new Lokalbrandla campaign brings you safe, ethical and trustworthy local products for your beauty regime. We gather, curate and select trusted local skincare and beauty brands for you to try while empowering our homegrown local brands.

Discover Ethical And Trustworthy Local Brands

Complete Your Beauty Regime With Wide Range Of Products

Play Your Role In The Local Beauty Community

The Ever-growing And Fast Paced Beauty Industry Has Left You Very Overwhelmed

It seems that every time you’re on social media, everyone you know is always recommending the next game-changing product for your beauty routine. But the question is, are they safe and effective? We don’t want you to be left with compromised skin and wallet.

It can be a struggle to find the right products and with so many options in the market, you get overwhelmed, confused and stressed out. Take a deep breath. Let us help you.

Join Our Lokalbrandla Campaign
& Turn To Your Trusted Local Brands

Calm down! Beauty doesn’t have to be stressful and you definitely don’t need to search far and wide to find the solution for your beauty needs.

Be a part of our Lokalbrandla Campaign! You will discover local skincare and beauty brands loved and trusted by many while playing your role to further grow our local businesses proudly.

There are plenty of amazing local brands out there that we wish to share with you and we’re excited to guide you in your skincare and personal care journey throughout this campaign.

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