Tinted Lip Balm with SPF15

Verified reviews from more than 100+ real users

Tinted Lip Balm with SPF15

Verified reviews from more than 100+ real users


Our Tinted Lipbalm with SPF15 is specially created to complement our bestselling Natural Lip Care Kit.

This is perfect for day usage as it is lightweight, contains SPF 15, has a natural tint, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, cruelty-free and most importantly, will not stain your mask 😷.

This Tinted Lipbalm uniquely creates the perfect shade of pink lips just for you as it will react to your skin’s pH level. Hence, it will appear differently on all lips.

How To Use: Simply apply on your lips during the day. For night time or more moisturizing properties, you can apply our bestselling Moisturizing Lip Balm.

KKM Registration: NOT210505074K

SPF 15

Protection from darkness & damage

Natural tint

Flushed & smooth appearance


Non-drying formula for chapped lips


Plant-based & vegan

Still using lip balms with no SPF? That’s why your lips are dark & dull

Meet SKINEATS Tinted Lip Balm with SPF 15

Made for the ladies (and gentlemen) who want the perfect shade of pink on their lips all day long. Formulated with pH-adjusting-color technology, this vegan lip balm uniquely blushes your lips to your most natural shade of pink without harmful ingredients.

It is lightweight, made with SPF 15, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, cruelty-free, and most importantly, will not stain your mask. For best results, pair with our bestselling Natural Lip Care Kit.

Key Ingredients

Heal naturally with naturally moisturizing formulations.

SPF 15

Sufficient everyday sun protection from darkness, dullness, aging & UV damage.

Natural tint

No more intrusive color! pH adjusting color technology for your most natural shade of pink.


Honest formulation that removes unnecessary harsh ingredients that aggravate dry lips.


Only uses plant-based ingredients. Exclusively vegan. No animal testing

Reviews & Testimonials

Discover what our customers have been saying.

3 reviews for Tinted Lip Balm with SPF15

  1. Siti Saidah

    My daily lipbalm for the day. Bila malas nak pakai lipstick, i pakai tinted lipbalm ni sebab tak kena mask. Mask tak comot. Lpstu bibir jd pink pink mcm korean look.

  2. Karina

    I have been using the moisturizing lipbalm all the while but that one does not have spf, so happy to know the tinted lipbalm has SPF and i use it during the day.

  3. Nani

    I use this everyday now, no more lipstick. Because this one makes my lips moisturized, pink & i like how lightweight it is.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our products are made with only the safest, most natural, and high-grade premium ingredients that are carefully selected to suit all skin types. In the extremely unlikely event you encounter any defects or allergy reactions to our products, we will exchange your purchase with a refund within 14 days of receipt of your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skineats products organic & all-natural?

Skineats is not a brand focused on organic or all-natural formulas. We use high concentrations of natural ingredients wherever we can, but we also rely upon our deep understanding based on scientific research of what ingredients (some of which are made in the lab) that are remarkable for your skin. Ingredients we do avoid include synthetic colouring, synthetic fragrances and denatured alcohol.

Are Skineats products cruelty-free?

Yes! We test our products in the friendliest way possible — by testing everything on ourselves! But rest assured, no skin and souls are harmed in the process.

Are Skineats products safe to be used by pregnant women, breastfeeding moms and those who are trying to conceive?

Skineats products does not contain any ingredients that are deemed unsafe for the aforementioned categories. However, it is best to consult your doctor before trying anything new for precautionary measures as we want you to feel safe and assured.

Are your products manufactured in Malaysia?

All Skineats products you know and love are still manufactured in the Malaysia!

All formulations of Skineats products are proprietary to our brand.  Our products are formulated and manufactured locally, by a devoted team of chemists and researchers who work with us.

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